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Nursing Care Plan for Hemorrhoids

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Nursing Care Plan for Hemorrhoids
Pre-operative Nursing Diagnosis and Nursing Interventions
Impaired sense of comfort: acute pain related to the mass of the anal or anus, anal area marked lumps, pain and itching in the anal region

To fulfill the criteria of comfort with reduced pain itching reduced mass decreases.


1. Give soak seat
Rationalization: Reduce local discomfort, reduce edema and promote healing.
2. Give lubricant during defecation wouldRationalization: Assist in the conduct of defecation so it does not need straining.
3. Give a diet low in residual
Rationalization: Reduce stimulation of the anus and weaken the feces.
4. Instruct the patient to do a lot of standing or sitting (must be in balance).
Rationalization: The force of gravity will affect the incidence of hemorrhoids and sitting can increase intra-abdominal pressure.
5. Observation of patient complaints
Rationalization: It helps to evaluate the degree of discomfort and lack of effectiveness of actions or states of complications.
6. Provide an explanation of the emergence of pain and explain briefly
Rationalization: Education about it helps in patient participation to prevent / reduce pain.
7. Give the patient suppository
Rationalization: It can soften the stool and can reduce the patient to avoid straining during defecation.

Post-operative Nursing Diagnosis and Nursing Interventions
Impaired sense of comfort: acute pain related to the sutures in surgical wound

Fulfillment of comfort with the criteria there is no pain, and patients can perform light activity.


1. Give the patient a pleasant sleeping position.
Rationalization: May decrease the voltage of the abdomen and increase the sense of control.

2. Change the bandage every morning according to aseptic techniques
Rationalization: Protecting the patient from cross contamination during replacement of bandages. Wet bandage acts as an absorber of external contamination and cause discomfort.

3. Exercise road as early as possible
Rationalization: It can reduce the problems that occur due to immobilization.

4. Observation of the rectal area if there is bleeding
Rationalization: Bleeding on the network, local imflamasi or the occurrence of infection may increase the pain.

5. Chimney anus is released according to physician advice (orders)
Rationalisation: Improve physiological functions anus and gives comfort to the patient's anal region because there is no blockage.

6. Provide an explanation of the purpose of installation of flue-anus (anus to funnel to drain the remnants of bleeding that occurs in order to get out).
Rationalization: Knowledge of the benefits of the chimney can make the patient understand the anus to funnel anus to cure the wound.
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